Since long MIRACHL group R&D collaborators Aarhus University’s HydroGeophysics Group starts a project similar to the MIRACHL project aiming at boosting the use of biotechnology for the cleanup of contaminated soil in Denmark. The project is named GIRem – Guided Injection Remediation.

During a 3-year project, researchers from Aarhus University in collaboration with Ejlskov A/S and Airborne Instruments ApS, will make the in-situ method even more competitive. In a collaboration between research and commercial innovation, the participants will develop new geophysical tools that make it possible to measure how biological cleaning agents are distributed in the soil when using different injection techniques. The process is similar to when a doctor uses ultrasound to guide a needle when injecting an anaesthetic into a patient’s shoulder, only in this case, Direct Current and Induced Polarization (DCIP) is used to analyse the subsurface.

Read more about GIRem here.