Between Feb. 26th and 27th 2020 the MIRACHL group was visited by Prof. Estella Atekwana, one of the pioneers in Biogeophysics. As part of the Geophysics-Seminar on Wednesday, she gave a very interesting overview presentation about the influence of bacteria to all kind of geophysical measurements. This talk was followed by two presentations from the MIRACHL members about our results from the geophysical laboratory experiments (Tina Martin et al). The  PhD students Sofia Åkesson, Aristeidis Nivorlis and Nikolas Höglund also presented the latest results from the Alingsås test site.

On the next day we had great discussions with Estella about our MIRACHL work and the Hagfors results in detail. We also talked about future applications on detailed investigations of the SIP method on Biomaterial.

Thanks to Estella, we got very good inputs on improvements for future work. We have now established a fruitful cooperation between the MIRACHL group and Estella. The meeting will also improve the collaboration between Lund University and the University of Delaware in general.

We thank both the Grace and Philip Sandbloms foundation for the opportunity to invite Estella. We also thank Estella for her time and effort to come to Sweden. It was a really excellent visit and a pleasure organizing the workshop. We are looking forward to future collaboration.