Anna Wiberg and Hedda Jönsson will present their M.Sc. thesis:

”Application of ERT and IP for localisation of chlorinated hydrocarbons at a former dry-cleaning

–   A study investigating the geology and contamination of PCE at Hagforstvätten”

Time: 11:15 on Friday 1 September 2017

Place: Engineering Geology, Civil Engineering building (V-huset), Lund University

From the Conclusions:

With today’s knowledge of applying ERT and IP on sites contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons it is our opinion that the method is more suitable for areas where the geology is more homogenous or well-known and anomalies caused by PCE easier could be distinguished from natural causes. However, even though the interpretation is difficult at inhomogeneous sites such as Hagforstvätten, ERT and IP are good complements to drilling and chemical sampling since they are able to detect areas of interest that otherwise might have been missed with pointwise measurements. We think that Hagforstvätten has potential for applying ERT and IP measurements in the future, especially for monitoring a future remediation of high PCE concentrations at the secondary source.

Near Surface Geophysics conference, Malmö

In addition, don´t miss the 23rd European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, at Malmö Live 3-7 September. A number of presentations from the MIRACHL and the TRUST teams are in the program.

MIRACHL in media

This week professor Torleif Dahlin pointed out the urgent need for better knowledge of our groundwater resources in an interview on SVT as a comment on the government announcing 2.5 mill Euro on better groundwater planning. Professor Dahlin says this sum is much too small, the need is 100 times higher, comparing with Denmark who recently performed a nationwide detailed geophysical program for mapping their groundwater resources.