Late March the MIRACHL group invited the reference group, and other guests, for this year’s face-to-face meeting. Focus of the day was to present our results this far, half way in of the project. The day started with the outcome of the field site Hagfors and future plans. The big block of the day was to present the studies in Alingsås. Starting out with the baseline measurements with geophysical methods in combination with previous studies with MIP sounding. The DCIP time-laps data were presented combined with chemical changes in the groundwater due to the ongoing in situ remediation. The participants were guided in the visual data-collection platform GeoBIM based on the Alingsås site. As the last part, the list of sites to become our possible third filed site was presented. The reference meeting was followed by a seminar on DCIP, with presentations of the committee for the next day defence.

Throughout the day, we had good and interesting discussions. It was also highly appreciated with all input and questions during the meeting. Thank you all who attended and contributed to a fruitful day!