Hydrogeologist and people related to groundwater, both from academia, the industry and authorities, met in Lund for a two days conference, Grundvattendagarna. The conference´s venue was Lund University (Main Building and Palaestra) and the conference was hosted by SGU in cooperation with Lund University. MIRACHL was of course there and contributed to some very nice days.

The MIRACHL contributions were: Charlotte Sparrenbom was the LU-host and had a presentation about groundwater research in Sweden, and also chaired a session on how to coordinate groundwater knowledge and grounwater related issues in Sweden. Sofia Åkesson gave a talk about microbes and DNA, which advantages and challenges there are with microbial investigations in field. Aristeidis Nivorlis presented the geophysical measurements carried out at the Alingsås site, both in an oral presentation and by a poster. Nikolas Höglund had a presentation about differences in groundwater modelling depending on the used model. In his talk the in situ remediation injections at the Alingsås site were used as an example. Tina Martin showed a poster about lab measurements using geoelectricity for detecting microbes.

Related to the project: Olof Friberg, Tyréns, showed the applications and advantages of using the GeoBIM concept for managing data from the underground space, and Mikael Lumentzberg, PhD student at Engineering Geology/LU, presented his data from our forerunner project TRUST that is still work in process.

Presentations will soon be available at https://www.sgu.se/om-sgu/evenemang/kalendarium/grundvattendagarna-2019/

On the topic, a debate article about groundwater was published in Sydsvenskan the 22nd of October (https://www.sydsvenskan.se/2019-10-22/rent-dricksvatten-har-lange-setts-som-en-sjalvklarhet-i-sverige-men-sa-ar-det-inte-langre). The article is about the importance of groundwater with a high quality, the need for long-term planning and protection to secure healthy water now and for future generations. Many members in MIRACHL signed the debate article together with colleagues within the profession.