The installation of wells, fixed DCIP system and ring DCIP electrodes in the wells are in full swing and so far, it has gone well. The laundry peronal is very accommodating and helps us with different arrangements and parts of the installation work. Yesterday both drilling of ordinary groundwater wells for sampling, the new wells that we mounted electrodes on and digging for installation of surface electrode outlets were ongoing. It will continue this whole week or until it’s done.

In parallel, Sofia, Henric and Robin are sampling the formerly installed wells in the area. The ongoing drilling clearly affects wells as tested. Yesterday it also rained so heavily that some of the surface water ran down in the wells, so there are challenges.

At the Färgaren site in Kristianstad the thermal treatment started last week in September. A lot of installations! The heating will preliminary continue until January and hen a two-month cooling period is expected. Hopefully the site could be tested with the MIRACHL methods next spring, 2018, in order to check if there are any contaminants left.

Thermal treatment installations