MIRACHL was represented both on stage and in the poster session as well as in the Tyréns booth, where the visitors could leave the real world for a moment and enter another reality – the virtual reality (VR). In the booth the guests could trot around down in the clay layers, among the sampling results and in the interpreted plumes of chlorinated solvents using the TYREngine real time 3D visualization tool, both at the Kristianstad site Färgaren and underneath the city of Helsingborg. The possibilities to get an “in situ” feeling for the situation and the ability to communicate the situation did instant success. Even better than the best conference candy.

The VR demonstration was “by coincidence” supported by Håkan Rosqvist giving a talk on ”Interactive 3D methodology for better communication in remediation projects”. Håkan described how to store all the geological information in a database with a universal web access interface, called the GeoBIM concept. The GeoBIM concept was originally developed for geotechnical data in the TRUST project but has recently been upgraded for handling also environmental and hydrogeological data. Feel free to register and test the GeoBIM concept in the Test city at www.geobim.se. The GeoBIM concept will be used as the hub for all three MIRACHL sites.

In the poster session Sara Johansson presented a poster entitled ”Characterization and monitoring of the in-situ remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbon contamination using a multidisciplinary approach (MIRACHL)”, which was shown big interest.

The Cleaner Soil Spring Meeting 2017 gathered approximately 500 visitors and a number of exhibitors.


VR for in situ feeling on sites ready for remediation a big success in the Tyréns/MIRACHL booth. Håkan pushing for 3D as a communication tool during his talk.