During October and November 2019 the MIRACHL team memeber Tina Martin have done laboratory measurements at different kind of samples at the State University St. Petersburg. The reason for that was the direct comparison of Induced Polarisation (IP) measurements in time-domain and frequency-domain. Thus, one of the very few available time-domain instruments are only provided by our colleagues at the Earth and Science department in St. Petersbur. Tina was staying there for 5 weeks in total and measured several times at test resistor boxes, sandstone and wood samples as well as at pure sand and water samples.

The first analysis of the data reveals a good match between both domains if the data quality is very good. But the analysis and interpretation are still ongoing and will be presented at different conferences during 2020. These results are important for future laboratory IP experiments to investigate the influence of bacteria to the IP signal, due to the rapid changes of the bacteria during the measurement time. Keep your eyes open for soon to come very exciting results!